Outer Banks and The Sea

“Want a road trip?” One day Michael suddenly asked, who had been inspired by his friend’s recent road trip.

“Road trip?” I felt interested, “Go where?”

“Down to the south along the east coast. We can go to Savannah, perhaps even Miami. We can leave it open, see how we feel then.”

Thus, we started packing right away: One basket for our clothes, one basket for our drinks and fruit, one basket for the toiletries. Next morning, with a full tank of gas, our “wide-eyed” little green mini carrying us set off toward the south, where the sun shone blazingly.

Our first stop was the north Outer Banks, Kill Devil Hills. Sea, beach, palm trees, and sun-tanned people. Michael was born and grew up by the sea, so being with the ocean, listening to its roaring or rumbling, letting the refreshing sea breezes pass through his hair, he felt like he was back to his deep soul. While to me, who so lacked experience about the sea and beach, I was captured by the ocean aura immediately. Yes, the Ocean does have its particular aura: It is calm, yet wild; it is open, yet mysterious; it is clear and gay, yet salty and bitter.

With our toes in sand, while watching the tides, I thought of a Chinese poem. It goes:

“Starting from tomorrow, I shall be a happy man--
Feed my horse, chop my firewood, and travel around the world;
Starting from tomorrow, I shall care for my crops and vegetables,
And build a house, facing the sea, enjoy the blooming spring.

Starting from tomorrow, I shall write to all my friends,
Telling them my happiness.
Whatever I get from that flash of happiness,
I shall tell everyone.

Give each river, each mountain a heartwarming name;
My dear stranger, I will offer you my best wishes as well--
May you own a prosperous future,
May you obtain a good ending with your darling one,
May you eventually find your happiness.
While I, I only hope to be facing the sea, enjoy the blooming spring.”

In my case, beside the sea and blooming spring, I will build a garden as well, a most magnificent sea garden--I already started it with a small collection of shells and stones that I took away.

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