After a few very warm days, as if all of a sudden, all the peonies in our garden burst into bloom.

The air is scented with their sweet-spicy aroma. Under the sun, they hold their l five to eight inches flower heads tall, as happy kids laughing as loud as possible.
It’s their season now- an amazing time to visit our garden: We have eleven varieties of peony; all of them blooming at about the same time this year. The pity is, their flowers can’t last long—heat, or rain, or too much sun, can easily wilt these superb blossoms in just one or two days.

A year of cultivation, anticipation, waiting; three to five days’ flower watching. Are they still worthy of all the efforts? The answer is absolutely yes, just for this moment’s striking beauty.

What do we do with these lovely flowers? What is less known is that peony petals are a very powerful herbal medicine. In addition to making lovely tea, they are well-known for uses such as pain relieving, inflammation reducing, and anti-aging.

As symbolic as the peony is, we are proud to list a special cultivar of it in our garden flower collection—Yellow Yao peony, which Chinese people regard as king of all tree peony varieties.

Without the Peony, our garment is merely a beautiful, high-quality piece of clothing; with it, it further glorifies your days.

We love peony!

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