Who Are Lotus & Michael

We are artists;

We are artisans;

We are minimalists;

We are doers;


We are Lotus & Michael.

We worship nature, quality, and beauty; it is our great delight in sharing them with you here by presenting our most selective fashion boutique—our products, inspired by nature, by the merging of East and West, beauty and practicality, are crafted to exceed our very picky standards. We sell only what we wear.

We consider ourselves lucky. Eva, our China manufacturing partner and friend, with whom we have been working for nearly a decade--thanks to her and her team’s professionalism, diligence and support, the ideas and sketches of our products could become a reality.

We also must thank many others who generously supported us--kismet brought us together, while a magical collaboration brings this offering to you. We are very grateful.

A thousand-mile journey begins with the first step. Our fashion journey has only begun. We envision a unique boutique of quality items, as well as a future where we eagerly produce more fun & special products for you with our heart and soul. We hope you will like them, and us too.

Everything is going to be wonderful.

We cherish your continued support! Lotus & Michael